‘Rehearsal’ Items

2020 Supper Roster

The orchestra’s supper roster for 2020 is as follows:

Section Date
Violins 17 February
Violas, Cellos, Double Bass 16 March
Woodwind, Brass, Percussion 20 April
Violins 18 May
Violas, Cellos, Double Bass 15 June
Woodwind, Brass, Percussion 20 July
Violins 17 August
Violas, Cellos, Double Bass 21 September
Woodwind, Brass, Percussion 19 October
Violins 16 November

On supper nights, would section members please:

  • Provide some finger food.
  • Ensure the kitchen is clean and tidy after use.
  • Ensure the hall carpet is vacuumed after the rehearsal.

Thank you for your assistance.