Invitation Address to Prospective Members of CCO

Churchlands Community Orchestra has existed for over 30 years. What it expects from and gives to us, the membership, is the opportunity to learn and ENJOY whatever the term ‘Orchestral Musicianship’ means. Our age range has been from 14 to 90, with two over-riding rules to achieve ENJOYMENT of orchestral musicianship:

Rule 1 .. We do not audition to allow people to begin with us.

Rule 2 .. If you can play well, we expect you to do so, if you can’t play well we expect you to play softly.

Those of us who enjoy orchestral musicianship come from many paths, my own story began in Grade 8 on euphonium and recorder, Grade 9 onto bassoon and Grade 11 I got a sax; I guess I just like blowing things. My instruments sat ‘under the bed’ from approx second year uni until my daughter was in Grade 9 (!) before I took them out again and discovered that the note-making was still all there.  It seems necessary that there should be an outlet for application of the 5 or more years that some have invested in learning music and this community orchestra is ideal for people who do not intend professional musicianship as their life-goal.

Our selection of pieces is controlled by our conductor; this is quite obviously dictated by the range and talent level of instrumentation available from year to year. Some of us get to ‘double’ between instruments to fill ‘missing bits’. It is occasionally seen for a viola player to move to timps, for the 3 bassoonists to pick up a second machine mid-piece, all good fun.

On a monthly roster, each section of the orchestra provides a small ‘supper’, such that we take a 20 minute break at 8.30 (usually only 5 min) and have a cuppa and chat, getting to know more of each other’s story if desired.

We do not expect to rival WASO for their place in the WA musical world, we aim to ENJOY playing orchestral music.

Dr Ernie Hawes (Optometrist) Bassoon 1

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